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Choosing a good lifestyle

Since I have been growing up and learning more about life, I have noticed some important things in life and one of them is to take care of myself first! Since the middle of my sophomore year I would say, I have changed my eating habits, I work out a lot and have become a lot more confident in myself. Soccer helps a lot with the working out part, but before bed I always make sure to stretch, or do an ab/leg/arm workout or my favorite thing to do is yoga!! I love yoga!! When it comes to eating, yes ofcourse I enjoy ice cream every once in a while, or I have chips and pop every now and then, but I eat very healthy otherwise. I pack veggies and salads everyday for lunch, I make sure to drink tons of water and I have noticed in the years that I have changed so much in my appearance, and my confidence has gone up a ton. I’m very happy with who I am, and how I look today, ofcourse everybody has those imperfections and something they want to change about themselves, my work is not done but I am hoping to keep on track, because I love this new healthy and better lifestyle:)

Say hello to my siblings! Mackenzie (Far left) is a Sophomore in college and is my best friend, her and I are very close and share a lot of fun memories together. my dog Lucy, (Middle left) isn't she so cute?! She has brought so much love and happiness to our family, we would not trade her for the world.

The two people who mean the most to me and have made me into the person I am to today mom (Mychelle, far right) and dad (Jay, middle right). They have taught me never to give up on my hopes and dreams and to always be kind and thankful for what I have. I love them so much and they deserve everything and more.

My get away

I have been playing since I could walk. It has always been the most important aspect of my life and has always helped me when Im mad or stressed or needed to get away from whatever was going on. I find so much joy in the wonderful sport and will forever be in love with playing.


Ever since I was little, you handed me something and it was in my mouth five seconds later, including my pet hermit crab, Gross! I eat A LOT, thank goodness for soccer and always working out, otherwise who knows what I would look like, if ya know what I  mean ;) Tacos, salads, ice cream, fruits and vegetables, I love it all.