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My life consists of a ball at my feet

January 15, 2017

My main passion in life is soccer, I've been playing soccer for the past ten years and my love for it hasn't digressed one bit. I play year round, summer, spring, fall, and winter. Last summer, I worked very hard to earn a spot on varsity my freshman year, and that's what happened. I have developed many close friendships and became apart of another family. Being apart of a team gives you the ambition and trust everyone should have. Knowing you're doing the thing you love, with the people you love make the long practices, the early tournaments, and the bumps and bruises all worth it. No matter what it is, sports, music, theater everyone should have the chance of being apart of a team and get to do what they love. 

New experiences lead to amazing opportunities

September 29, 2017

Well this is it! This weekend i'll be experiencing a once in a life time event that I would've never imagined myself being apart of. Two years ago my mom had signed my name up for this program in the middle of a mall and couple months later she gets call asking if I would like to come and audition for something I had no clue about, modeling and acting. When she asked me about it, I did NOT want to do it. It was totally out of my comfort zone and had no idea what I was getting myself into. But I did it, I went to the audition and I must've done something right because for two years I have been going to classes every month learning all about the basics of what i'll need to know about this industry. And here we are today, I'll be on a plane to California with many amazing people who are all looking at me.. whoa. Being able to go to California is an adventure in its own, but being able to go there for something I have worked so hard for, and being able to apply all my knowledge is the cherry on top. 

Such an amazing ending, to a long journey

November 8 , 2017

WHAT A WEEKEND LET ME TELL YA! As you guys know from my previous blog I was in California this weekend to experience an amazing opportunity. My mom and I left Thursday, November 2nd and got back Monday, November 7th. We were busy the entire time, whether it was strutting the runway, listening to seminars, acting in front of cameras, talking to agents/managers and even getting spit on walking the street of Hollywood Blvd. Overall this weekend was overwhelming, but I wouldnt change anything about it. I performed Friday during the day, my monologue, commercial, and sitcom and walked the runway Saturday afternoon. After all the hard work we got to relax and see if any of the agents/managers were interested in us. And for me, five of them were. It was a proud moment for me hearing my name and receiving the paper with five companies wanting to meet with me. It meant a lot having my mom by my side through it all and being able to share this experience with people who all share the same passion as me.

My school paper

September 29, 2017

I'm in my sophomore year and have fell in love with writing, being able to put all my thoughts down into words and share my stories with people. So this year I decided to take Journalism and write for our school paper. My teacher told our class that we would be covering the biggest week of the year, Homecoming week. I was asked to write an article about the tailgate that happens every year before the big homecoming game and was published on our school paper website. The link is below please feel free to take a look :)


Battling for Victory Royale

March 6, 2018

Ohhh good ole video games!! Recently, within the last year and a half the game Fortnite has been brought to the market. Read my story on Kanelandkrier.com to hear my opinion on the game.


Seaya Seasworld

June 27, 2017

I have always been an animal lover. I have had a bunny, two turtles, two hermit crabs and I have my adorable Yorkie Lucy. When I heard about how sea world treated their killer whales, I was appalled. So I watched the movie Blackfish on Netflix and knew I had to write a story about it. It make me sick to my stomach. Animals should be treated with the respect and love humans get, in my mind animals are family.


Check out some of my stories!

December 29, 2018

As I have mention before I write for my high school newspaper, The Kaneland Krier, Take a look at some of the stories I have written.







A year to remember

December 29, 2018

As 2018 comes to an end, it is important to look back on the year and figure out what you want to stay the same and what you want to be different looking into the future. For me, 2018 has taught me so much, I have learned who I want to be and who I want to surround myself with. I have had some toxic people in my life, but sometimes that is not always a bad thing because that has lead me to some pretty amazing people in my life. I got to travel a lot this year and experienced all different cultures and ways of life, I got sick with mono which was a hard time for me because I was missing so much school and was not able to play soccer for three months. I got to step out of my comfort zone and perform in front of 50 management companies who are all judging me on how I look and ow i present myself. I learned all new things about my family that I did not know before. I have had to grow up fast, and that is not a bad thing in my mind. yes of course there are things I wish played out differently but I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and some people are here to teach a lesson and some are here to stay. 2018 brought me a lot of trouble and hard times, a lot of crying and stress, but 2018 also shined a lot of light on what I want for me and my future and how I hope the world can be one day. Im going into 2019 with an open mind, and a full heart, I hope everyone has their year where they can find themselves and become who they want to be and someone they are proud of. 2018 was that year for me, BRING IT ON 2019!

Time for a change

December 29, 2018

Ever since I was in elementary school I had the same look. I never branched out because I would always get the compliment "Is your hair naturally that blonde? It is beautiful!" and of course that is very nice to hear, I would look in the mirror everyday and see the same little girl. I am a junior in high school and I would still see a little 5th grade girl. So I finally told myself it is time for a change! I eat a lot healthier now and care a lot for my body and skin and I decided to get my nose pierced, which I love. Yes a nose piercing is a change, but was not enough for me, I got it pierced the beginning of summer and by August I was ready for another change. So I went out and got bangs, nobody knew about it, I randomly decided one day after school to go get them. Although I do miss my old hair, Im happy I branched out and tried something new. Both of my changes are not permanent. To me change is not scary, but others might not agree. Others enjoy having the same routine and the same look and like to have everything so scheduled.. BORINGGGG! Me, I love surprises and never knowing what will come next I love being thrown curve balls and having to just fly by the seat of my pants. Makes life more enjoyable and fun.

All it takes is a word

January 13, 2019

January 13, 2019, WOW where did time go?? 2018 flew by.. every year (Well this is only the second year doing it but every year starting last year lol) my mom tells me and my family to write down goals and come up with a word that we want to focus on in the new year, last year mine was determined, I had a lot going on like a new job, hard classes and soccer so I was determined to make sure I focused and got everything I needed done, and accomplished, I like to believe I did a good job. This year my word is 'ME' i'm sure you all are like what? I choose that word because like last year I have a lot going on but this year is a little more important it being my junior year and all. But the word 'ME' goes a lot further than focusing on what I need to do, instead it focuses on loving myself and bettering myself such as surrounding myself with people who want to help me and believe in me, it focuses on becoming a better me and being proud of myself and choosing myself first. At first, when my mom brought up that we had to do this I thought "Oh its just another crazy mom thing" but then I got to thinking about it and it makes sense, it kinda is like a new years resolution but instead of it being a goal, it is a mindset and is something that if I can focus on it all of 2019, then it will help me for a lifetime. So thanks mom :) I challenge everyone to come up with a word and that be your goal and strive to make yourself, a better you.

Choosing a better lifestyle 

January 14, 2019

Since I have been growing up and learning more about life, I have noticed some important things in life and one of them is to take care of myself first! Since the middle of my sophomore year I would say, I have changed my eating habits, I work out a lot and have become a lot more confident in myself. Soccer helps a lot with the working out part, but before bed I always make sure to stretch, or do an ab/leg/arm workout or my favorite thing to do is yoga!! I love yoga!! When it comes to eating, yes ofcourse I enjoy ice cream every once in a while, or I have chips and pop every now and then, but I eat very healthy otherwise. I pack veggies and salads everyday for lunch, I make sure to drink tons of water and I have noticed in the years that I have changed so much in my appearance, and my confidence has gone up a ton. I’m very happy with who I am, and how I look today, ofcourse everybody has those imperfections and something they want to change about themselves, my work is not done but I am hoping to keep on track, because I love this new healthy and better lifestyle:)

A week in my life 

January  23, 2019

HI GUYS!! Thought I share what has been going on in my life because it has been hectic and writing/blogging really helps me clear my head and I love sharing with all you what is new or going on in my life. Soo... I just had finals last week and it was stressful, always a hard time trying to cram and get those final grades where I want them to be but it worked out and I'm happy with how they turned out :) Of course I'm working, always working.. MAKING THAT BREAD!!! Then we had a long weekend which was super nice, I went to Ohio to celebrate my cousin who is having a baby boy, so excited for her and glad I got to be at her baby shower to celebrate with her, can not wait to meet the little guy!! It was crazy weather and I went with my mom, sister and grandma, 5 hours in the car with a sassy sister and talkative grandma, what a time. But it was fun and we had a great time seeing my cousins who I do not see often because they live so far and are all off living life being all adulty and such. We had Monday off of school because it was MLK day and I went thrifting with my friend Sam and I got a new water bottle, a plant, a new sweater and lotion very pleased, if you guys do not shop at Marshalls or Platos Closet.. shame on you, they got deals! Then I worked at night and had school Tuesday. I live in Chicago so the weather is always so unpredictable ad crazy we definitely should not have had school today there was a sheet of ice on the road they were awful. I WENT INTO A DITCH ON THE WAY TO SCHOOL IT WAS AWFUL! My friend Dylan drives me to school and we went in together, lol. But we are both fine we had our parents come and dig us out then had to call a tow truck to pull his car out. TONIGHT WE BOOKED OUR FLIGHT TO FLORIDA for my soccer tournament! Im super excited, I am leaving next Wednesday and will not come back until the following Tuesday, GOODBYE CHICAGO WEATHER AND HELLO PALM TREES!! I will make sure to update you all on how the trips goes and thank you guys for reading and listening to my hectic week, xoxox ily!

Sunday, FUNday! 

March 3, 2019

My favorite day of the week is Sunday. A day to catch up, cleanse, and prepare for the upcoming week. I usually sleep in, in the mornings and try to catch up on my sleep because with my busy schedule, ya girl needs as much sleep as possible. Once I wake up at 10-10:30, I go brush my teeth and throw my hair up in a bun then go say good morning to my parents. Mom and dad are the opposite of me, they go grocery shopping early so then they can have the whole day to relax and get themselves ready. I on the other hand, procrastinate and take my time, especially on homework. Like right now, I'm writing this blog instead of doing my math homework, it'll get done eventually :p Once I say hello to my parents and my dog of course, I make breakfast, usually something small like yogurt, or avocado toast. Then from there on, I just wing it! I shower, I lay in my room and watch Netflix. I use Sundays as a Bailey day and to take the time to focus on myself and get myself where I need to be to have a successful week. It is very important to dedicate one day of the week where you usually have nothing going on to focus on yourself, and clear your mind or focus on what needs to get done to help you stay healthy and organized.


March 3, 2019

I want to take a second and point out some very important people in my life. There is a group of girls I have recently become very close with, Lily, Haley, Sam, Emma B, Emma H, Emilee, Donny, Vanessa and Julia. I can not thank you girls enough for always making me laugh and smile and showing me how to have a fun time and to forget about the bad. You ladies all know how to put a smile on a girls face and make her feel special. Anyone would be lucky to have you beautiful girls as friends, and I'm happy to call you guys my best friends :) Another person who has does nothing but bring happiness and joy into my life, is my boyfriend Chris. you have made a very big impact on my life and I'm excited to continue to do life with you and create many more memories. I can not thank you enough for everything you have already done in the short time we have been together.

These are just a few of the many people in my life that I can not be more thankful to have in my life, truly blessed with all of you.


April 28, 2019

Wow it has been a while since i’ve blogged and i’m excited to be writing this one about my last weekend at prom!! I went with my wonderful boyfriend Chris who looked very handsome by the way! Every girl loves to get dressed up every once in a while and feel like a princess for a night, and that’s how I felt at prom. The weather was not how you would want prom to be, IT SNOWED IN APRIL!! Who would have ever thought that would happen, I sure did not! But we made the best of it, I got to wear my big yellow rain coat and we took pictures in Chris’s twin brothers girlfriends house and they turned out beautiful! I loved seeing all my girls dressed up looking stunning. I wore a pink dress, curled my hair and wore silver sparkly shoes (I will put more pictures in my gallery so go check them out!) The dance was not the best because of the music but I was happy to be with Chris and take him to his first and last dance :)) Then we went to chicago the next day with Kyle (Chris’s brother) and Natalie (Kyles girlfriend) and we went to Shake Shack, and Millennium Park where we just walked around and took pictures- overall Prom was a lot of fun, even though the weather was not, and I was very happy to go with chris and get dressed up!! Excited for next year :) 

The start of my senior year  

August 20, 2019

Man, do I have a lot to catch up on! I have all summer to tell you guys about and I just started my senior year which is so crazy to me. This summer was a lot of fun, I went on many adventures, went hiking at Starved Rock, walked around Naperville many times, went to Lollapalooza and Country Thunder and went to Nashville!! A lot of this was done with my boyfriend Chris and others with friends and family. Nashville was especially fun as me, my mom, my cousin and Chris all drove down to be in a music video... I know sounds crazy right like how did we get in a music video?? One of my moms close friends Donavon Lee Carpenter has become a record recording country music artist and asked us to be in it, it was such a fun experience and cool to see how it works, I can't wait to see how it all comes together. I also went to Lollapalooza which is a music festival in Chicago and I went one day with my best friend Eilee and the next day with my cousins, we had so much fun but we were very tired afterwards, can not wait to go all four days next year!! Unfortunately I did have to say goodbye to Chris at the end of summer because he is now at Arizona State University studying business, and even though I miss him so much, I am very proud of him and can not wait to see what he does there!! But come home soon pleaseeeeee. School started a week ago and dang was I NOT READY! It is my senior year though and I am trying to be as involved as possible, this year I have an executive position for our school Newspaper, The Kaneland Krier, I hope to have an editors job in yearbook, I am playing soccer, I am the rowdy leader for all sporting events and I am in athletic advisory. So my plate is basically full, oh and I'm working at Chilis... yummyyyy. Getting involved really does make the year fly but I highly recommend getting involved, finding what interests you, make new friends and have the best time because it really does go by faster than you think!